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What are digital certificates?

Nowadays, the use of digital certificates is becoming more and more common, although they have been active for many years, it has been in recent years with the appearance of COVID-19, which has begun to be used more normally for both public and private entities.

The digital certificate is a system used to verify your real identity unequivocally online when dealing with public administrations. Digital certificates are also used to verify your real identity online when carrying out any procedure.

When it is time to carry out procedures such as checking your driver’s license points, requesting a birth certificate, filing a tax return or any other type of administrative procedure, it is necessary to identify yourself by means of a certificate to verify your identity.

It is what would replace a username and password for any type of application or web page that you normally need to log in to.

There are two types of digital certificates, those that include the electronic DNI clip and those issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT). Most administration pages work with either.

To obtain the FNMT certificate, which is the most common when we refer to digital certificate, you must go to the website where you request the certificate of natural person and follow the steps indicated on the same website.

Once you have it, it will have a certificate that you can install with any browser.

On the other hand, the electronic DNI certificate is much simpler to obtain, but complicated to use. At the same police station where you get your ID card when you register, they will activate the chip and the certificates. However, a card reader is required to use them. compatible or the official mobile application.

In addition, the certificates are only valid for five years according to the Police, and after that time you will have to return to the issuing police station to process the DNIe.