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5 tips before registering a foreign vehicle

The DGT usually requests a flat fee for each registration application, regardless of whether it is a new registration, a change of acronym or a rehabilitation, the procedures for registering a car are specific in each case, so factors such as the country of origin of the car or the Autonomous Community in which you live can affect the paperwork and taxes required.

To register a new car purchased in Spain is usually quite simple and is often processed through the dealership itself. You can also do this by following a series of steps:

1º Ask for the car triptych at the dealership where you will be able to consult the specific data of your car in terms of emissions and fiscal power. In this way, you will be able to check which section your vehicle is in within the payment blocks imposed.

2º Pay the registration tax to the Treasury by requesting form 576 telematically if you have a digital certificate or DNIe. You must then deposit the exact amount in a bank where you will be given a Complete Reference Number (CRN) to serve as proof of payment. Once paid, the tax authorities will issue the electronic registration code that identifies the car’s chassis.

3º Pay the circulation tax, for the circulation tax you must refer to the city council where you are going to register the car and that must coincide with your place of registration, since the amount depends on the municipality and the characteristics of the car. You must pay the road tax every year that you own the vehicle.

4º Go to the DGT. Once the corresponding taxes have been paid, you must present the following documentation to the DGT in order to obtain the registration number and the definitive documentation of the car.

5º Cut out the license plates. Do not forget that after obtaining the license plate number, it is necessary to engrave the plates that will be fixed to the car. The price of the license plates will depend on the type of plate you choose and the workshop of your choice. They must be installed on your new car before it can be driven.

In the case of an imported car, the definitive documents usually take a little longer, so it is possible to apply for temporary plates to be able to circulate for a limited time, which are green, costing about 95.00 Euros at the Traffic Headquarters. At the end of its term, the final documentation must be available and an extension can always be requested in case it is not yet available.